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  5. "He speaks with his dog."

"He speaks with his dog."

Translation:הוא מדבר עם הכלב שלו.

July 8, 2016



hu medaber eem ha kelev shelo


Why isn't כלבו accepted?


I think we should report it it is correct to say hklb shlo or klbo but the contracted form is considered formal i think


Would people laugh at me, when I say כלבו ? Because I love Biblical Hebrew...I think it is much more beautiful


What does "כלבו" mean?


Same thing as כלב שלו, only in the contracted form that is only used in biblical Hebrew and, according to some people, very formal events.

I absolutely agree, that this is a beautiful and afaik a unique feature. It's just isn't used in everyday Hebrew since it's "restart".


Why is there no את after עם as " עם את הכלב שלו?


The dog is not an object. This also means he is not a direct object. So no need for את


Why is he speaks different in Hebrew than he eats, he writes, or he counts. הוא אוכל. הוא כותב. הוא סופר. VS. הוא מדבר.


what looks different to you?


The three that are similar are all pa'al or the simple binyan. מדבר is the intensive binyan, which we haven't actually been taught yet.


Thanks for the informative reply. I am trying to learn the verb forms myself, it is a daunting task. I beleive the vav inserted in the 2nd position of the 3 letter root is the key to tell pa'al verbs. As for pi'el (intensive) , i believe 3rd pms verb is the base root. True??

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