"This is not an apple, but a car."

Translation:Ez nem alma, hanem autó.

July 8, 2016

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I too get the two confused


It's an easy mistake to make.

Lowly Worm in his car


Why not: ez nem EGY alma


"Ez nem egy alma" is also correct. The article can be omitted in this case.


I haven't seen elol yet in this lesson except as a wrong option for this question and I'm not seeing a translation. How does it translate?


Elöl means in front: Elöl áll a legalacsonyabb fiú. -- The shortest boy stands in front.

Elől means away from: Elfut a kutya elől. -- He runs away from the dog. It also means from in front of, but I can't think of an example where the English translation doesn't sound weird.


how to differentiate between using 'hanem' and 'de' for 'but'?


hanem is sondern, de is aber :D

(hanem / sondern = "but rather, but instead")


The accepted translation misses the indefinite articles. This is okay, but I think it is safe to use include the indefinite articles too as long as you are learning the language... With experience and better understanding of hungarian you might know where you can drop those later on.


Its much harder to learn when the sentences are abstract and make no sense


Why can't az alma & az aúto be used here? I really don't get when az is still supposed to be included or not. I literally just got a previous question wrong due to not including it where I didn't find it nessicary & only added it here because of that. Both started with ez too.


az alma - the apple

egy alma - an apple

alma (no article) - sometimes this can be "an apple" but never "the apple"

Similarly, az autó = the car, egy autó = a car.


But how do we know when the questions here want us to omit "egy"?


It is fine to add the indefinite article in, if it is not accepted, report it. "Ez nem egy alma, hanem egy autó".

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