"A földszinten van a konyha és nappali, az emeleten pedig a hálószobák és a fürdőszoba."

Translation:The kitchen and the living room are on the ground floor, whereas the bedrooms and the bathroom are on the first floor.

July 8, 2016

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There is no "a" letter in before the word "nappali" (living room) in the correct solution. But the audio sound mentions it.


Does "az emeleten" mean on the first floor exclusively? I think there was another exercise where "az emeleten" translated as "upstairs". Upstairs is not accepted here, however.


Another convoluted sentence from Duo that could have 100 plus variations in English. These guys do make it difficult for themselves (and us). My version for what it's worth 'On the ground floor there is the kitchen and (the) living room, and upstairs are the bedrooms and the bathroom.' marked wrong of course. It should be THE living room going by the audio. Good luck with this one guys :-)


I tried to answer with ''upstairs'' but it was wrong too.


too long. i can not even read the full translation on my mobile


There were not enough instances of the word “the” in the selection section to complete the response correctly the first time I tried it.


Yes, I have come across this a few times, the random word generator often omits words that are needed :)


why the first floor instead of ''the floor'' you can imagine that these rooms are on the first floor but the Hungarian sentence does not say it.Please correct this.


You may find that this is a problem between English and American English Ijikontic.

Ground floor = 1st floor First floor = 2nd floor
Second floor = 3rd floor Etc


yes it's a problem too.Thanks for thinking about.

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