"Kik veszik az autókat?"

Translation:Who is buying the cars?

July 8, 2016



How to not confuse these... Visz - Vesz - Vess?

March 10, 2017


Who takes the cars?

April 26, 2017


That's what I had too and it was marked wrong. Please explain why or whether it should be reported.

December 14, 2017


The same, marked it wrong

July 2, 2018


"Kik veszik" is definite 3 person plural, right? If so, is "Who are buying the cars?" also a possible translation for this sentence?

July 8, 2016


That sentence sounds odd to me in English.

July 8, 2016


You are correct. Who, generally, is treated as singular, even when it "makes sense" or "is meant" to be multiple people.

So who are is grammatically correct, but is unnatural. It is only natural when the number of people referred to by who is explicitly more than one (by grammar or plural noun, not implicitly). Ex. Who is on the basketball team? vs Who are the people going to the game?

This also leads to a weird situation where you may switch to who are based on another sentence. Lots of people are buying cars and trucks. Who are buying the cars? The people who aren't buying the trucks. In this example, the previously odd-sounding Who are buying the cars? should suddenly sound OK.

March 25, 2017


Yes, it is.

July 8, 2016


Thanks! That answer was marked as incorrect. But I'll report it next time I see it.

July 8, 2016


I did not hear "veszik", it sounded as if the first letter was L.

June 30, 2018
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