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  5. "Ở chọn nơi, chơi chọn bạn."

" chọn nơi, chơi chọn bạn."

Translation:Choose the right place to live, choose the right friends to play with.

July 8, 2016



Any explanation on this? Is it a saying or something?


A more thorough interpretation would be: "to live you must choose a place, to play you must choose (a) friend(s)".


TehVanarch, i can't find even the words to make this incomplete sentence!!! Where is "song," to live? Where is to play??? Where is "nha," place/home? The drop-down is absolutely no help here, and we are left just guessing. This was a bad sentence to include!!!


It's a proverb and yes it is very curtailed. It basically translates as "To live, choose (a) place; to play/hang out, choose friends."


This sentence would be better as "Choose the place to live, choose the friends to play."


"A place" or "the place," either way, English requires an article---- even in a proverb.


Is this a proverb?


This is a proverb.

Literal meaning (loosely): "Choose the right place to live, choose the right friends to play with"

Message: you have to choose your friends and living place carefully. No English equivalent afaik.

Usage: When someone have bad friends and you want to persuade him not to frequent them anymore, you can say this. Similarly, if someone choose a bad place to live, you can say this too. Though, the latter meaning is rarely used.

I'd like to emphasize that this is a very bad sentence, not just because the creator failed to translate it properly to English, but also because this should belong in the "Proverb" section (as I realize this section doesn't exist, there should be).


I appreciate this, but there is no way this meaning could have been figured out. The literal meaning:

Choose (at) the place, play choose friend.


the word "ở“ when as a preposition means "at, in", but it also works as a verb, now it is the same as "sống", meaning "to live". cfr. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ở


"Choose the right place to live, the right friends to play with"--marked wrong.

But really, just kill this one from the module.


What does this even mean? It's irrelevant to the course


this idiom is easy for Chinese speakers to understand, as it can be loosely translated as: 住选屋,玩挑友。(live, choose house; play, choose friends)however, the Chinese sentence, similar as the Vietnamese one, can be seen as the paratactical version of a more "complete" sentence: 如果你要住得好,要选对的屋子;如果你要玩得好,要挑对的朋友(if you want to live well, you should choose the right house; if you want to have fun, you should choose the right friends)。 in the case of Chinese, idioms always go for the paratactical structure, rarely for the hypotactical ones.


Duo marked me wrong for not expressing "right" in English.

It's understood in the Vietnamese and there is no reason it can't be understood in English.


and where in the drop down hint menu does it say "right"?

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