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  5. "They are making wine."

"They are making wine."

Translation:One robią wino.

July 8, 2016



Can you say "one robią kochać" as a polite and softer way to say they are having intercourse? (Serious question)


no. That sounds ridicoulus. You can't have a verb after robić. the most used word would be "kochać się" (it's a tricky one you need so much context to tell whether it means they love each other or they make love) . other is "uprawiać miłość".

(of course you know that using pronoun "one", means it's two women)


The most basic, neutral translation of 'to have sex' is 'uprawiać seks' (weirdly, the first meaning of 'uprawiać' is 'to grow' with things like vegetables. Also used for training sports). You could translate "to make love" as "uprawiać miłość", but I think the Polish phrase is a lot less common than the English one.


I understand, thank you both!


Whats the difference between produkować and robić?


Same as "produce" and simple "make", I'd say.

Although "Made in China" will be translated as "Wyprodukowano w Chinach" (with perfective form of 'produkować').

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