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"Szukamy kogoś z bogatą wyobraźnią."

Translation:We are looking for someone with a vivid imagination.

July 8, 2016



The English expression would be '... a vivid imagination' not 'rich'.


No, a rich imagination works in English too, and has perhaps a slightly different meaning. Vivid would be more about detail, kind of like the quality of an image or video, rich would apply more to the extent or boundaries of imagination, more the size of the imagination than its detail.


Would ' żywą ' not be a better word for vivid in this context? I know its PL -> EN, but before I forget it... I better ask now :D


It's a more literal translation, but not as idiomatic as bujna or bogata. I just added it to the reverse exercise, albeit reluctantly.


What about "We are looking for someone with a FERTILE imagination"?


Ew, that just sounds weird to my ear


OK, let's add it.


Hahah I've never heard of this, and would have to say its probably nonsensical - fertile refers to growing something, like a fertile womb or fertile land (fertility always requires something else, in this case 'seed' in both the literal and euphemistic sense). A fertile imagination would therefore mean something along the lines of, you tell them an idea and they are able to flesh it out (grow it?) into a fully fledged novel/plot/concept in their head? Very strange, cant quite see how it would ever be applicable but its an interesting idea lol


Well, if you look literally at "bogata wyobraźnia", it's imagination which has a lot of money, so also quite nonsensical, right? ;)


Fertility can also be used as a metaphor: having a "fertile imagination" means being able to think of many new and interesting things.


"We are looking for somebody with the rich imagination" - what is wrong?


"the". Nie można mieć 'jakiejś konkretnej' wyobraźni. Ma się wyobraźnię... ogólnie.

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