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New words not appearing in the lesson


I'd really like to report it directly to the team, but the report button seems to be available only under particular tasks within a lesson, and since this doesn't concern a particular sentence, I didn't want to send off-topic reports.

I have noticed that roughly half of the words that are given in the 'skill menu' in Basic 2/Lesson 1 are not actually being taught in the lesson. Hence I can't report it there - they don't appear in any of the sentences. These words are: milyen, kisci, nagy, magas. The lesson had me translate the sentence "The apple is not black, but red" back and forth 4 times though, as if in place of these words. I redid the lesson, but everything was the same.

Other learners, have you had the same problem? Or maybe you have noticed it in other lessons too?

I hope this hasn't been posted yet; if it was, sorry, I couldn't find it.

July 8, 2016

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I have noticed this too!

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