"The spider sees water."

Translation:העכביש רואה מים.

July 8, 2016



Do the two answers correspond to, respectively, the female spider and the male spider ?

July 8, 2016


No. A male spider is a "עכביש". In this exercise, both sentences

( העכבישה רואָה מים. and העכבישה רואה מים. ) refer to a female spider.

September 13, 2016


Then why is the male form of "see" acceptable here?

June 12, 2017


The word "רואה" can be either the masculine or feminine forms when written without the "dots".

The female form "רואָה" is pronounced "Ro'ah" and the male form "רואֶה" is pronounced "Ro'eh".

Without the "dots", the pronunciation for "רואה" will depend on whether the subject is masculine or feminine.

So, "העכבישה רואה מים " is Ha-akhvishah ro'ah ma'im (The female spider sees water). And "העכביש רואה מים" is "Ha-akhvish ro'eh ma'im (The male spider sees water).

June 12, 2017


Does no one think spiders having gender in everyday weird? How is this a thing? I get it's the language, but it's a spider! How would most people know the sex? You can't ask the spider. Sorry it's cranky question but really, it's like using a woolly mammoth. It's rare to come up at all. (Last time I thought this, the word was for hail , and it hailed within hours... )

March 7, 2018


I know. I am a native Israeli and never heard of the word עכבישה before cuz when would anyone ever use it???

May 29, 2018


Down came the rain and washed the spider out.

March 12, 2018
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