"These French boys are going into the tall house."

Translation:Ezek a francia fiúk a magas házba mennek.

July 8, 2016

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The word order should be a bit more flexible. Especially with a language like Hungarian.


That's right! There are more options how to translate this sentence. I would say "Ezek a francia fiuk bemennek a magas hazba." or "Ezek a francia fiuk a magas hazba mennek be." The "bemennek" is the way we talk... not this artificial textbook forced thing that's going on around here. Even the English versions are how shall I put it... off the wall.


Thank you. I'm Hungarian, yet I cannot translate most of these sentences because Duolingo does not accept my correct solutions.


Welcome to the club!! I failed the test!!! The system's telling me I got 60% Hungarian knowledge... borne and raised in Budapest. Mindboggling


native Hungarian-Progression quize score is 1.77

learning Swedish for one month in Duolingo-Progression quize score is 1.44

I think it will take a while to this course to get out of beta..


It drove me nuts too, Peter! The whole course was poorly constructed and written, just one version accepted when several should have been marked. After I quit a year ago they have accepted my correct versions now... what does that tell you about their level of commitment.


Please, use the correct letters:

fiúk instead of fiuk
házba instead of hazba

As you are a native Hungarian, it has to be well known to you, that the duration of vowels really matter.


It's so funny, my mother language is Hungarian and I thought I'm gonna try out this test and duolingo won't accept what I write because it thinks it's incorrent it's hilarous


Now you know how Peter and I feel! This whole Hungarian course is a big joke... but nobody's laughing. I don't think the founder of DioLingo imagined a course of this poor qualifications. The Italian and German were 10 times better.


It is still in beta and despite its flaws it's the best thing I've found for learning Hungarian. I really appreciate the time and effort the developers have put into it. In my opinion, it's actually pretty good. And with user input it is getting better and better.


This was marked wrong, but I don't see the mistake: Ezek a franciák fiúk bemennek a magas epületbe.


Hey, Kris! You're close but the correct version is "francia fiuk." You can say "a franciak" the French, the French people but the adjective version is "francia." "A francia Alpok" = the French Alps


your Hungarian is getting really good, Kris! Hope you're well


Köszönöm a bókot Evolita :-) Most Magyarországon vagyok és Magyarul beszélek mindenkivel. És ma este megyünk Hévízre, finom medvehagymás lángost enni. Nagyon jól erszem magam, köszönöm, és te? Sok üdv. :-) P.S. @Evolita: A medvehagymás úgy mint a tejfölös, de benne van apró medvehagymalevelek.


Medve hagymas langos? Az micsoda? Nagyon jol hangzik...


érzem ... :-)


correctly it is "bemennek a magas házba", not "mennek a magas házba"


Somewhat debatable. I'd say "These French boys are going into the tall house." = "Ezek a francia fiúk bemennek a magas házba", emphasizing that they are actually entering (perhaps from the garden) and "Ezek a francia fiúk a magas házba mennek." = "These French boys are going to the tall house", emphasizing that they are on the way and it is their destination (which they will eventually enter).

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