"Excuse me, do you have a book?"

Translation:סליחה, יש לכם ספר?

July 8, 2016

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סליחה האם יש לך ספר why this answer is wrong


Not wrong, but apart from the first 2-3 skills, האם is not included in the sentences, because it's used very little in everyday speech.


Thanks for that, bit confusing the האם sounds like אמא within some sentences too!!! Aaarrhh


They shouldn't be pronounced the same. האם is "ha'ím" (with a glottal stop) and אמא is "ima".


I think my confusion is when ha'im is followed by a word starting with the 'a' sound. The speech is so fast and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish each individual word in the spoken only sections. Unfortunately the slow 'tortoise' button doesn't work! Getting the hang of it very slowly. תודה


slichá, yesh lachém séfer?


Um. I see that the first phrase you typed has an apostrophe instead of a yud. Was that a typo? Because the single hash mark is a completely different character than a yud.


It looks that way on some systems and keyboards. '' יי " ''all three are different, in order, it's geresh, yud, quotation marks, apostrophe. But some keyboards they are set to be the same thing. They all looked the same on some websites commenting systems & browsers too. A history of Hebrew typography site had an article about people using the wrong button, and I left a comment & the same marks I typed above all looked exactly the same.


What's wrong here? I fill out : סל׳חה, יש לך ספר? and it says almost correct? Almost correct! סליחה, יש לך ספר


It's correct. But maybe it wants some nikkud to mark it absolutly correct, I've read in other threads that the course has this problem.


ok thanks for your feedback.


How do you make nikkud?


I use Swype keyboard app, I'm on android. It's on iPhone too. You add which languages you want, I have UK English , American English (because it will tell you of spelling options errors, so in UK English if I type color it'll also show colour, etc.), and Hebrew. I press hold spacebar one second to switch language. It's useful for learning for pronunciation (granted you have to learn what the symbols (nikud aka diacritics) mean, but there's very few vowel sounds. And if you go to learn, make sure it's modern Hebrew, that you don't go learn Biblical. But imho it's helpful. (I like the JBS YouTube channel videos, I think it's lesson 2 aleph bet, Linguistix channel is good too).

Once you install it: How to use: On Hebrew keyboard, I press numbers button it shows all the nikud. If I go back to letters, each position where each nikud was, is now hiding also in the letters..so if I hold bet, I'll get ָ ע = ֶ so if I want to type bet with nikud underneath I first type bet, then by holding down bet, one second, + see the nikud. בָ it works like English version so it recommends other spelling options. Example: לך shows חלב ללכת....none have nikud , it's not used for natives except in religion. But you can add your own vocabulary. So you can add לךְ , לךָ... Save it, next time just type without nikud it'll show you with nikud as option if you want it..very easy . You can have five language options at a time I think.


I depends on your operating system, there would be key combinations. Look up "Hebrew diacritics win8" or "Hebrew diacritics win10" or "Hebrew diacritics mac" etc. in Google, you'll find the answer, I used to know for older versions of Windows but Microsoft changed it and I didn't look it up since because i hardly ever need it. Note also that you don't have to use them for this course. It will sometimes mark you "almost correct", but not wrong.


Lots of people that speak hebrew don't use nikkud when writing today. Most adult books and such in hebrew don't have nikkud, and at school I don't write hebrew with nikkud.


Same problem here. I think it's just an error -- it's not a matter of nikkud.


סליחה, האם יש לך ספר?

This was marked as correct, but it included the following message:

You have an extra space. סליחה,האם יש לך ספר?

Perhaps the answer with a space after the comma could be added. אַ שיינעם דאַנק!


I translated: סליחה האם יש לך ספר It was counted as incorrect answer and I don't see what's wrong about it. Happy if someone can explain :)


Please, look at my response to HaimkK1 from over a year ago, who had the same question.

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