"This is a dream."

Translation:Ez egy álom.

July 8, 2016

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When am I ever going to need this phrase???


When you were having a hungarian dream


The sentences arent supposed to teach sprcific situations, buf more so how to structure sentences


This is a dream :D


When do I drop "egy"? Or rather, what is the difference between "Ez álom." and "Ez egy álom."?


The difference is hard to explain and also quite insignificant here. I personally think it's like... without any articles, you don't create a reference to a standalone substance, more like you create something like a weird adjective. Pushing this narrative to the current example, it's like "this covers the definition of dreams" without an article and "you can imagine a dream, right? now, this is one"
It's a more useful approach with occupations for example. "Egy orvos vagyok" sounds a bit meh for example. I'm not a newly introduced instance, you don't have to "imagine" a generic doctor just to assign it to myself, I'd rather say "I cover the definition of doctors". "Egy orvos leszek" is even worse imo, it starts to sound like "I will be just one of them, nothing special..." rather than personal development.


Why not "Az egy álom"?


Because az is "that", and the English sentence used "this".


If I'm not mistaken, this is more correctly interpretted as "this is one (non-specific dream of many." I think, to convey that what is happening now is a dream, you would say, "Ez az álom." Can someone tell me if that's correct?


Not really correct. Egy is both a/an and one. Ez az álom means either "this is the dream" or "this dream" without finishing the sentence any way

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