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  5. "זה עידן או תקופה?"

"זה עידן או תקופה?"

Translation:Is that an era or period?

July 8, 2016



A strange sentence. Better to use one that uses the words in some context.


Is there a difference between these two?


The same as in English. עידן is a very long תקופה. (decades or centuries)


That is a distinction I have never come across in history. We can talk about the Enlightenment Period or Picasso's Blue Period, the Bronze Age or the Augustan Age. I think they do mean different things in geology. Just to get back to Hebrew, then, a עידן may be as short as a few months (it seems to be used for season in another question), but a תקופה would be something lasting decades or centuries?


I guess a few months can be called עידן if they were a very important part of history... again, it's the same distinction between Period and Age in English.

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