"Az óvónők a város fölött vannak?"

Translation:Are the kindergarten teachers above the city?

July 8, 2016

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this sentence does not make sense at all...


It does make sense since one can understand it. I don't see anything wrong with a sentence like this... can a kindergarten teacher be located somewhere? Yes. Is "above a city" a location? Yes. One could even answer this question.

More problematic sentences are like "XY vacsorát vár" where you couldn't tell whether it's only weird in English and actually it's hard to say how you should even try to translate "vár". "Wait for"? I think it's more like "expect" in this case? Neither can normally apply to "dinner". Now that sentence actually doesn't make sense!


to my english ear this sounds more like a statement than a question. What was it in the way the sentence was pronounced that made it a question?


I am not a native speaker of Hungarian, but my native language (Portuguese) the difference between a question and a statement is only the tone of your pronounciation... I think the same applies here - you need to raise the intonation a little at the end to turn the sentence into a question. You may notice that "vannak" is pronounced lighter than the rest of the sentence.


The second to last syllable goes up then the tone drops.


You are right, the audio does not sound korrekt, the audio sounds as a statement. when you read and see the question mark, you recognize it is a qouestion

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