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"Az orvos sétál kint vagy az angol sofőr?"

Translation:Is the doctor walking outside or the English driver?

July 9, 2016



This is exactly the sort of sentence I was expecting from the "Basic" category


I know right? Not even an option to play it slowly. All I got was angol sofor lol.


Too bad there is not an option to speed up a bit, it was too easy to understand...


very funny. Ha. Ha. Ha.


That is a horrible English sentence, very unnatural.


Audio was too fast, could not here 'vagy'


That was way too fast for me. Please add the slow talking option to this course! PLEASE!


Duo, PLEASE, give option to PLAY SOUND SLOWLY! Beginners CANNOT pick up the subtleties of HU pronunciation! There are 44 different alpha-character sounds! Give Beginners an opportunity to learn them! SLOW-SOUND vocalization is a start!


It seems your wish has been granted. The voice is different, but all the words are clear. Even after listening to it slowly, I can't hear "vagy" in the normal speed.


Translated as "is that the doctor walking outside or the English driver" and was marked wrong. This is the natural way a clarification question like this would be asked in English. Is there a reason why it wasn't accepted as an answer?


It's because you used "that". Whule your sentence sounds more likely to be used, this one isn't using "that


How is this considered a basic exercise? Please compare with what other languages here consider basic.


Vocal (talking) speed way, way too fast for a beginner! Must offer a slow-talk version, or, beginners will NOT learn! DUO ALSO NEEDS TO OFFER PRONUNCIATION SKILLS FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THE 44 CHARACTERS IN THE HUNGARIAN ALPHABET! Only by drilling oneself to listen, truly "hear", and parrot-repeat each of these 44 characters can one really pick up the words at "average, normal Hungarian language speaking speed".


I did not think I could be hearing it correctly because this is not a sentence in English! Please correct the English sentence


I agree about Slower option. I understand the Hungarian is newer on the platform than the other languages. Looking forward to the feature!


The beginning of this sentence was rather tricky, I put down "is it a doctor" for the start of it as the notes showed az translating to it

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