"Ilyen a fekete."

Translation:The black one is like this.

July 9, 2016



This doesn't even sound like anything an English speaker would say...? A very awkward sentence and I'm having trouble coming up with a context this would even be used in...

July 24, 2016


Perhaps analogy for a blind person.

January 22, 2019


tl;dr: I'm reporting this to request "black like this" be considered.

I translated it as "black like this", thinking of it as "(the color) black of this kind" or "(the) black of the kind that this black one is (of)" because of "ilyen". I wondered if the "van" was omitted, which would then make this a subject-verb-complement sentence, but I went with a different interpretation: This is a sentence fragment (in this case, a noun phrase), and "ilyen" is being used much as "ez" or "az" in constructions such as "ez a épület" (for "this building") or "az a szálloda" (for "that hotel"). I guess I'm thinking of "ilyen" as a sort of demonstrative. (And my reading of the entry for "ilyen" at the sztaki.hu website, http://szotar.sztaki.hu/magyar-angol-szotar, seems to support this.)

Anyone have thoughts on whether that is a possible interpretation? Are my characterizations of the original Hungarian and/or my English translation(s) valid at all?

July 27, 2016


Can you translate 'a fekete' as 'the black one'?

November 5, 2016


Very confusing sentence. It sounds like 'this black' as to say 'that much black' or so.

July 12, 2016


A narancs az új fekete.

November 25, 2016

[deactivated user]

    Fekete = coffee sometimes

    August 26, 2017


    You can say fekete leves for coffee, but we use it in comedies. It's not a translation more like a metaphor for coffee.

    October 6, 2018


    In Hungary, you don't ask for "black" coffee, but "plain" coffee. "sima kávé". I learned quickly that coffee shops will look at you funny if you ask for a "fekete kávé".

    December 12, 2018


    You can't get a good pesti feketét any more? I feel old.

    February 7, 2019


    I am very slow at learning Hungarian and choose the "strengthen skills" option often. I have not run into illyen yet. It is challenging to review when new words are being continually added. Is there a way to verify or correct this?

    September 27, 2016


    I love how this sentence translates word-by-word to my native language that's not even a Finno-Ugric language nor Indo-European. <3

    September 28, 2016


    And what language might that be?

    September 28, 2016


    Cebuano (Malayo-Polynesian). Ilyen (Ingon-ani) a (ang) fekete (itom) = Black is like this.

    September 28, 2016


    Has anyone seen Spinal Tap? I think this sentence is from that movie.

    May 30, 2018


    Does this question apply to any black thing? because i can't think of any regular situation where i would say this ... unless i am talking about black coffee in hungarian. Something like ¡man, this black coffee is sharp! - "Ilyen a fekete" :v , and even so, it sounds weird.

    June 2, 2018


    It sounds weird because it is weird :D You could say "Ilyen a fekete " when a baby is learning the colours, in that situation it's correct "Ez fekete " or Ez a fekete" too. It applies to anything black you present... I guess. If you say 'Man, this black coffee is sharp' -'Ember, (man) ez(this) a kávé(coffee) erős(sharp) '

    October 6, 2018


    Might it mean, that I get something allegedly black (for example I am buying a black bag and am offered a dark blue one) and I don´t agree and show something I consider really black, for example my jacket, to compare?

    August 14, 2018


    Is ilyen a verb? I don't quite understand this construction

    July 9, 2016


    Ilyen means roughly "thusly". Olyan also means roughly "thusly", but ilyen is analogous to "this", and "olyan" to "that". "Van" was omitted, as is often the case in Hungarian. I found this one difficult to translate. In the end, I translated it as "such is the black". Duolingo marked that incorrect. "Black is like this" might be a little better, but I'm not certain. Also, I thought that "fekete" in this context could mean either "black" (abstract) or "black person" or "black object"??

    July 9, 2016


    Another meaning of fekete could be coffee without milk, black coffee.

    July 16, 2016


    The tiles for some words were not there.

    September 5, 2018


    Oh my sweet lord, who taught all these people that fekete means coffee....? Duolingo is that you?! |0-0|

    October 6, 2018


    OK I just realized... Delete can mean coffee in a certain situation. Maybe at restaurant or something.... 'Egy feketét kérek' is 'I want a black (?)coffee(?) Please' Here the word felete means a black(?) coffee without anything.

    October 6, 2018


    I think the most correct translation of this in English would be, "like the black one."

    Do you have a larger hat, "like the black one"?

    December 12, 2018


    why does this lesson teach so many random words... i cant even formulate a basic sentence yet

    December 13, 2018


    Repetition. Hungarian is a very complex and sophisticated language. At the beginning you'll find it a bit impossible, but if you insist and go a bit further and become familiar with the basic verbs and conjugations it'll all become easier.
    I do agree the sentence-choice of this course is not among the smartest in Duolingo. Lack of humor or real-life sentences is a major con.

    December 13, 2018


    Sometimes I can not follow... my translation was : "This is like black" ...certainly wrong :( Correct solution : "The black one is like this., Black is like this." Both translations are meaning different things... For example... "the black car is like this" ...'cause both are FORD "black is like this" I would use for : not the apple but the OLIVE ...I'm full of hope that one day... i will talk HUNGARIAN ^^

    January 27, 2019


    What about this is the black one?

    February 1, 2019


    Az én megoldásom is helyes!

    March 24, 2019
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