"I do not paint judges."

Translation:Én nem festek bírókat.

July 9, 2016

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Is "Nem bírókat festek" a valid sentence? If so, how is it's meaning different from what we are going for here? Also, the hint suggested that festek can also be spelled with an accent on the second e. Is that correct? If so, when is it used?


So, your sentence is fully correct, and you said the meaning was different:

"Nem bírókat festek." = I'm not painting judges, but something else.

"Nem festek bírókat." = like the translation says, "I don't paint judges."

And you said, there was a word, called "festék". It's the liquid mixture, which is used for painting.


Is Én necessary here? Not sure when to use/not use it

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