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  5. "אתה תכתוב או היא תכתוב?"

"אתה תכתוב או היא תכתוב?"

Translation:Will you write or will she write?

July 9, 2016



The second 'write' can be deleted in English, will they accept "Will you write or will she?" ??

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Not yet but I submitted the suggestion.


I happened to test it with the repeated verb omitted, just as you showed, and they indeed accepted it. Hurray for DL.


Ata tichtov o hi tichtov.


This is a really useful sentence.


Why are both forms of כתב the same? Doesn't third person future usually go with a yod at the beginning?


Good question. The masculine form does start with a י (yud). The feminine form starts with a ת. This sentence shows you that the 3rd person feminine has the same form as the 2nd person masculine, in the future tense.


After 4 years of doing Duolingo I've hit a new mystery. I can't get out of this exercise. There is no "continue" button suddenly. I closed out the lesson with the back button and started it again-- both times I've gotten two thirds of the way through and cannot continue. I feel like Charlie Brown on the MTA.

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