"Tanárokat és diákokat keresek."

Translation:I am looking for teachers and students.

July 9, 2016

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Two sentences previous diák = pupils. Some consistency is needed


Please report it.


Why is it "keresek" and not "keresem"?


Keresem is the definite conjugation, which you only use if the direct object is definite, a certain object, mostly marked with the definite article a. But here it's just any teachers and students you're looking for.

A tanárokat és a diákokat keresem. - I am looking for the teachers and the students.


According to the dictionary hint it says that keresek means "I look for." So my answer was "I look for teachers and students" and it said that it was wrong. Why?


Probably a forgotten alternative.

While the course is still in beta, expect quite a few correct sentence to be rejected because they hadn't been added as acceptable translations; please report them if you think they should be accepted, to help improve the course.

Thanks! :)


The audio for "tanárokat" sounds odd to me. The first letter sounds like a "k". Can a native or fluent speaker tell me if this is right?


I hear a clear 't'. It might take a bit to get used to since the Hungarian plosives (p, b, t, d, ty, gy, k, g) aren't aspirated so they tend to sound a bit alike.


Guys, in the meaning of searching, which verb should be used? I put I am searching for teachers and students, but it was not correct :(


"Search" is the correct translation for keres. The course is still in beta, so not every translation is in the database yet. Report it when it comes up again.


'students' should be fine! (for diak)

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