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"El núcleo es una sección importante en las células."

Translation:The nucleus is an important section in cells.

February 2, 2014



why not The nucleus is an important part of the cell?

[deactivated user]

    I agree. At least in the US, it is much more idiomatic to use the singular for a topic of study. Or to remove the definite article if using the plural.


    Because that is not what the sentence says.
    But duo's sentence is grammatically incorrect. Your sentence is correct in terms of parallel construction. If you say nucleus, you should use cell. If you want cells, you should use nuclei.


    Why is it not possible to use "the core" here instead of "nucleus"?


    I assume that it's because the sentence is about the cells, as opposed something where we wouldn't say 'the nucleus of' such as the center of the earth (el núcleo de la tierra)


    I just looked through all my notes and cannot find where celulas was ever introduced. Also, nucleo was defined as "core", not "nucleus".


    Is the article "las" necessary? I may have asked a similar question to this before, but now I've forgotten what makes articles necessary before nouns such as "celulas."


    Las is required in Spanish when it's either a specific group--"Las células en esta cultura..."--or the group definition (all individuals defined by the noun)--"Las células tienen núcleos." Las is not required in Spanish if you're speaking of some cells, generically--"Tengo células en mi cuerpo."

    In English the article is omitted when you're talking about all cells everywhere or generic cells. It is only used for a specific group of cells--"The cells in this culture..."

    Does this help?


    No, this organelle is called nucleus in English. Take a look. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cell_nucleus?wprov=sfla1


    I have been marked wrong for 'the' by 2 for 'el' by 2. Seems very harsh.


    The nucleus is not a "section" of a cell, it is an element of the cell.


    The new female reader seems to completely skip small words - in this case I hear "importante las celulas" without the "en"


    Did you know that the nucleus of an atom is like a fly in a cathedral. •-~

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