"I am speaking on the phone in front of the new building."

Translation:Az új épület előtt telefonálok.

July 9, 2016

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Is "telefonálok az új épület előtt" also acceptable?


Why isn't Beszel included in this sentence?


You could say 'telefonon beszélek' which means 'I'm speaking on the phone' but 'telefonálok' /i'm telephoning/ is used more.


"Beszélek telefonon" a szó szerinti fordítás. Néha jó lenne, ha egységes lenne az elv, és nem olykor szó szerinti fordítást elvárni, olykor szinonímát.


@czenema jó ötlet! kérem, tegyen néhány javaslatot


it ain't rocket science. He needs to accept both correct versions. NO, make that he REALLY needs to accept every correct version.


@Cauldie Please refer to this forum discussion when considering your position: "[DL] needs to accept every correct version."

Given your recent experience with the topic, we would be interested in your opinion. Sok sikert!


So to understand correctly, that's directly translated as "the new building (object) , in front of, I'm phoning." So... The object is always in front?


comments ask: "So... The object is always in front?"

Video on Hungarian Word Order: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffWutpg-00E


That's 100% disgusting, Duo!!

You cost me 10 lingots and a half hour work, for being stupid, and rejecting a perfectly acceptable -- LITERAL -- translation. I first wrote "telefonálok", then changed it because I didn't dare be adventurous when so much is on the line, that I must play it safe. I played it safe. Exactly the same frustration as commenter czenema.

Yes, of course I submitted it to be accepted, but literal should've been FIRST, no excuses!

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