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"Ha enviado a una mujer en su lugar."

January 31, 2013



Couldn't "su" be "your" in this sentence? If not, how would you say "in your place"?


To me this sounds like, "He has sent a woman in his place" or "She has sent a woman in her place," or even "You have sent a woman in your place" i.e. it sounds as if the one who sent the woman did so in their OWN place... I suppose it's ambiguous but this translation makes more sense to me.


In the context of a conversation, I'm sure it would make sense what the pronouns would be but in isolation, it seems like either "he", "she", or "you" (formal) or maybe even "it" (robot!) sent a woman in "his" or "her" or "your" (formal) place. Excluding the robot, I see 9 possible ways of interpreting this sentence. But I'm a student, not a teacher, so I may be wrong.


I'm confused by the use of the world 'a' in the sentence. Wouldn't that be he has sent 'to' a woman in his place? Why is this word included?


Check out this thing about the "personal 'a". Someone pointed me to it when I asked the same question once: http://www.studyspanish.com/lessons/persa.htm


Thanks, it all makes sense now! I can't believe I've never come across that before!


Very useful website. Gracias.

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