"This doctor works here ten years."

Translation:הרופא הזה עובד כאן עשר שנים.

July 9, 2016

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This is simply incorrect English. The present continuous form must be used here: "This doctor has been working here ten years".


The literal translation should probably be accepted, but the proper English translation should be shown to the student. Right now it's the other way around, the literal translation is shown, but the proper English one is also accepted.

I reported it.


It's not only this, but there is also an English to Hebrew version of this question. Here the English sentence is simply incorrect. If the correct English is shown, then we get the opportunity to learn that the present continuous tense in English is translated to the present tense in Hebrew.


You are right. The English is simply incorrect. I reported this also. If I hear someone say something like this, I know they are a foreigner, or perhaps very uneducated. Tenses are perhaps less specific in Hebrew. I got really confused once when someone asked me, כמה זמן את פה? In English there would be a difference between "how long have you been here" and "how long are you here for" --not sure how you would make the distinction in Hebrew.


I agree with everyone above. One might hear a foreigner say this, and understand the meaning. But I don’t think a native English speaker, educated or not, would ever say this.

I think I can answer lulubeck’s question.

How long have you been here? — כמה זמן את פה?‏

How long are you here for? — לכמה זמן את פה?‏


How come the correct answer is limited only to a female doctor?


it accepts הרופה הזה עובד


Why is "הרופא הזה עובד פה במשך עשר שנים" incorrect? I thought במשך meant "for the duration of ___"


Here עשר שנים is an accusative of duration, though Hebrew has lost its accusativd endings.

"How very careless of it!" says Lady Bracknell.


I thought the word שנה for year was feminine, is it an irregular plural masculine form ?


Plenty of feminine words use the masculine plural form, and vice versa. Don't know if it should be called irregular...


okk, thank you ! well, ''irregularities " souldn't scare a french speaker ...


Isn't it better to say "...oved kan ""since"" eser sheneem " ?

The structure of עובד כאן עשר שנים isn't a proper one.

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