"He does not heat that, because it is already hot."

Translation:הוא לא מחמם את זה, כי זה כבר חם.

July 9, 2016



I am not clear on why both the spelling "אינו" and "איננו" are acceptable as part of the answer here-- can someone explain it to me?

July 9, 2016


the words אינו and איננו have exactly the same meaning and you can always replace one with the other. Why does Hebrew have both? Historical reasons. :)

July 9, 2016


Is אינו the same as לא in all cases? (Missed this sentence because of a multiple-choice that had this as the only correct answer…)

March 31, 2017


I thought ain was the opposite of yesh, the present tense, and lo was used in the past or future. Maybe that is biblical hebrew or just my error.

June 26, 2017


Can you do: הוא לא מחמם את זה כי הוא כבר חם ?

Note: uses הוא for זה in the second half.

March 19, 2019
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