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"Kórházakat fényképezel, vagy repülőtereket?"

Translation:Are you taking pictures of hospitals or airports?

July 9, 2016



Do you take pictures of hospitals or airports? Not accepted...


Accepted it. 2020.01.15.


Egy új szó (A new word)! fényképezni. I have never seen that before.


Do you photograph hospitals or airports? - marked wrong?


Shouldn't be, report it.


It's accepted now......


Its using the wrong spelling for airports, its listed ás aeroports...


Why the "el" on the end of fenkepez?


To expand the answer a bit more: The verb fényképez ends on a 'z'. Normally, to form the 2nd-person singular conjugation, you'd add -sz, but "fényképezsz" would be difficult to pronounce. So, whenever a verb stem ends on a sibilant (the letters c, cs, dz, dzs, s, sz, z, and zs in Hungarian), the te conjugation defaults to the suffix -ol/-el/-öl instead of -sz.

  • olvas - te olvasol (you read)
  • hisz - te hiszel (you believe)
  • főz - te főzöl (you cook)


Can someone please explain to me why this listening/comprehension exercise - Type in English- uses a word that hasn’t been introduced before? Is this part of a teaching method? The word in question is fényképezni .


Yes - you learn by being presented by words in sentences. If you do not know them you can hover. If this was a Type in Hungarian exercise - type what you hear. Hungarian is pretty much spelt as it sounds. If you get it wrong - no foul. If the word is new - add it into your notes.


It was introduced - in the verb section.
fényképezni - to take pictures; there's also the online dictionary.

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