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  5. "Jól vagy, János?"

"Jól vagy, János?"

Translation:Are you well, János?

July 9, 2016



I have a grandfather named Janos... He lived in Hungary during the Cold War, and left as a refugee, along with his brother and I believe to relatives, during the Hungarian revolution, and then came to America. At multiple times he was almost killed (and was shot in multiple instances), and my mom tells me that when she was a kid he would come to their school every year and tell his story. In fact, I'm largely learning Hungarian because of him.


Is the connotation here that Janos is not well?


Probably yes. So, it could also be "Are you OK?"
But it could also be just a simple question about János' well-being.


So, could "How are you, Janos" be an appropriate translation?


No. It is "Are you OK/well, János?" I am just saying it doesn't need to be anything dramatic.


So, how would one then say "How are you, Janos?" i.e., without the assumed presumption about Janos' well being.


"Hogy vagy, János?" or "Hogy van, János?".


For 'are you ok?' wouldn't it be 'rendben vagy?'?


I think Jol vagy in english, would be closer 'You are well?' or 'how are you?'


"Okay" is fine too. "How are you?" is rather "Hogy vagy?"


I also would like to know if this question just an alternative of "hogy vagy" or it means some doubt that "János" is well and it's a kind of sympathy, interest?


Not native but I think it's the second, for example "Istenem! Mary, jól vagy?" - "Oh my God! Mary, are you okay?"...

And in German, you can also see it as „Gehts dir gut?" or „Ist alles in Ordnung?“


Yes, it could be that, but not necessarily. Just as "Mary, are you OK?" does not necessarily mean that. It could be just a simple question where you expect a positive response.


We are not given the opportunity to use accents when writing English translations, hence only nearly right!


Not including accents in English translations when writing names should be acceptable. But if you're going to learn Hungarian, maybe you should consider switching to a layout, or modify your layout, so that you can type Hungarian accents.


Could we use this question after we see someone having an accident or falling ?


Sure, why not


Is Jànos the hungarian for john?

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