"This is a tall building."

Translation:Ez egy magas épület.

July 9, 2016

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Ez magas épület. Hungarian is my first language and this feels very unnatural to me. While technically correct, I would never say it this way. But rather : 'Ez egy magas épület.' Just my two cents :) Have a great time learning this weird and beautiful language!


There are certain cases where it is absolutely okay. I'd prefer your solution in general as that is more common but it is not that unnatural. "Why are you so pale up here?" "This is a tall building" – Miért vagy olyan sápadt itt fent? – Ez magas épület! (Note the stress on "magas".)


I see what you are saying. But with the example you posit: "Miért vagy olyan sápadt (itt fent)?" - "(Azért) Mert magas az épület!" or " (Azért) Mert magasan vagyunk!" (because we are high up) etc...

I just think when learning a new language from scratch, relatively 'normal' cases should be set as examples, rather than examples that would rely on something that would be extremely situationally specific or where one would have to rely on intonation.

Thank you for responding :)


I agree with you! On the other hand, I have to admit that I was a bit too tired when I wrote that answer. Though it is not wrong, I would use your samples in such situation, too. It is strange that all Duolingo courses I tried have these strange sentences, that refer to very special cases, instead of giving normal examples of daily usage. I never participated in a language tree construction so I don't know about the reasons, but there must be something... A conteo at least ;)

(How do you write, native English speakers, this "conteo" word [for conspiracy theory]?) I hear it often, mostly in TV programmes, but I am not sure about its spelling.)


Your wishes accepted, the more that sometimes I am on the brink of resignation. Luckily, after a while, I get back to my notes and Duolingo and, miraculously, I do well.

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