"Can you send me this?"

Translation:Możecie mi to wysłać?

July 9, 2016

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I used "Możecie to mi wysłac"...is there any difference in meaning in the word order between "to mi" and "mi to" in this placement?


I'm generally puzzled about this course's ongoing usage of the "Ty" and "Wy" forms. We did "Formal You" a long time ago, and then those forms ("Pan", "Pani", i.t.d) seem to have been dropped. I'm sure that, in real life, "Pan" i.t.d must still be being used? Or are those forms hopelessly archaic?


They have to be used, definitely. What you mention is something that I feel is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, flaws of this course. The Formal You options are not only almost not used here at all, but very often not even accepted. This leads, I'm afraid, to foreigners using informal "ty" to strangers in Poland. Of course we will forgive almost everything if any foreigner tries to talk to us in Polish, but still, that would be wrong.

Let me say that we plan to change it in Tree 2.0. We are putting Formal You versions as accepted answers in every (I hope) new sentence created for 2nd person, and after Formal You will be introduced, it will also start appearing on a normal basis in 'normal' skills. Just like you are not likely to have a Duolingo Spanish lesson and not encounter neither 'usted' nor 'ustedes'.


The vocative case is entirely missing too! I didn't even know Polish had that until I looked up words on Wiktionary!


Bizarrely, there are some Vocatives in the very early lessons. There's a "Some-kind-of-greeting, Anna" where "Anna" is Vocativised into "Anno" as an "alternative translation".


Czy możesz mi to posłać


Ech, ok. Dodałem.


can not be good the 'dla mnie ' insted of 'mi'? thanks


That would be "Can you send this for me?" which has a somewhat different meaning.


How important is the placing of "to" here? I put it in the end of the sentence and it wasn't accepted :(


It would be like "Can you send me THIS?", and without a specific context, such an emphasis doesn't seem natural.


I didn't use the "wrong word" I just reversed the order (to mi)


Actually, this sounds fine to me, added.

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