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  5. "Я бачив мало."

"Я бачив мало."

Translation:I saw little.

July 9, 2016



Both translations sound strange to me. 'I did not see enough' sounds more natural to me. Not a native, though.


"I saw little" does not even make any sense. I reported that "I saw a little" should be accepted, but even this is uncommon. The correct way to say this is "I did not see much".


That would be "Я бачив трохи".

Maybe "I saw very little" would sound more natural?


It goes without saying that ukrainian and english have very different grammatical and ortographic structure. Ukrainians don't even use articles in their sentences.

So, we all should highlight three important things: - This phrase has an audio track. Which means it might be common for ukrainian speakers but the translation is so alien to us we need to discuss it. - As far as I had beeb able to study; It follow ukrainian grammar. - WE are the ones learning the language, we are supposed to figure why things are said in such a way and when, we can't change ukrainian to fit english grammar. I even have to admit even for me it gets hard to figure out the context in which any phrase can be used but most of Duolingo teachings are "Common" phrases.

What I do suggest is that translations are put into a middle ground. "A little" and just "Little" don't mean the same in english.


I think English people USED to speak like this.

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