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"Lui e la moglie saranno all'albergo stanotte."

Translation:He and his wife will be at the hotel tonight.

February 2, 2014



why not "sua moglie" for "his wife" ?

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"sua" would still be ambiguous. In northern England you hear "the wife" (which was my answer) to refer to one's wife. It is a bit lower class. If the man is at the hotel with somebody else's wife, then a different form of wording would be required for clarity.


I have the same question.


Same: I was wondering, is it the wife of someone else? ;-)


I am sure - you are right. His own wife must be "sua moglie" in italian. So it's clear: he and the wife of another man were at the same time in the same hotel - but not necesarily in the same room. - The english translation is not correct.


DL really should accept inn for albergo. Reported.

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