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Different Language Syntax

I'm starting to learn spanish from english and I've noticed that (unsurprisingly), there is a different way of saying things in other languages aside from translations. For example: "I don't drink wine during lunch" becomes "Yo no bebo vine durante el almuerzo". Its 'el almuerzo' but not 'the lunch'. It would be really useful if they would periodically spell out these difference instead of trying to figure it out from the sentences. What do you think?

January 31, 2013

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True, but I think that is an upstream swim. To ease you pain, I suggest that you look at www.studyspanish.com, or a similar site, and get your grammar and syntax questions answered there. Picking up a used Spanish text at a garage sale or second hand book store is a good idea, too, IMO. The issue you raise, use of the definite article, is a common stumbling block. DL lingo has strengths, but I think a learner, especially one that prefers structure and explanation as opposed to the "figure it out" method, needs high frustration tolerance to advance here. A look at the Spanish discussion forum shows that many of the questions/comments relate more to DL's instructional methods than to difficulty learning Spanish. My two cents.

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