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  5. "Buest ti yn y parti."

"Buest ti yn y parti."

Translation:You were at the party.

July 9, 2016



Thanks, but I've never heard the expression 'in the party' in English unless it's a political one, but thanks for the reminder about Plaid Cymru, which I have heard of!


Surely 'at the party' unless 'parti' also means political party?


Both "At" and "in" are fine for me, and it's easier to think of this as "in the party" since "yn" means in. (Also the word for political party is "Plaid" which you might know from "Plaid Cymru" = "The party of Wales". Note "Plaid" is a feminine noun so "Y blaid geidwadol" for "The conservative party".)


The only other sort of version of "in the party" besides political I have heard is " in the wedding party"

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