"Az új épület egy folyó fölött áll."

Translation:The new building stands above a river.

July 9, 2016

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I think "over" should be accepted, too (as if the builiding is constructed like a bridge)


Reminds me of the great and spacious building which stood in the air, on the other side of the river of water.


I translated "... egy folyó" by "... one river" and got corrected. I thought since egy = one (the numeral), it could be used in this context. Is there a reason it's not possible here?


If the building was above a river it would sink ! in english we would say it is built on the bank of the river


Not necessarily. London Bridge at least used to have buildings on it many years ago: mainly shops, I think. So too with Paris.


What is the meaning of áll?


Áll is stand, állok- i am standing/i stand


What is the difference between 'fölött' and 'fent'? Would Az új épület egy folyó fent áll be ungrammatical?


What is the difference between 'fölött' and 'fent'?

fölött is a postposition and accompanies a noun or noun phrase.

fent is an adverb and stands by itself.

So you can't have egy folyó fent any more than you can have "at the top a river" (without "of").

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