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Remove friends

How is this possible? I have someone under the name of register and I cannot remove them.

January 31, 2013



go to the search learners box, type ur friend's name, and press enter. their name should pop up, and you will notice a green box that says "friends". click it to unfriend them.


What about when someone (for example, someone you don't know) has made you a 'friend'; how can I 'unfriend' them? When I use the search learners box the only option after their username appears is 'Add friend' (grey box).


Currently, you can't make it so that someone else can't follow you. Something we're working on!


It's been 4 years now. Any news about it? What about simply allowing me to remove the notification? It's bloody annoying to see it stuck there! :-/


Can we have a way to make our profile "private" or remove followers, please?


Sorry about the late reply, but I stumbled on this thread while looking for answers and wanted to share my findings. I hope you have a "better late than never" attitude, because I found out how to remove friends. According to this thread ...:


... blocking another user will prevent them from following you. To block someone, go to their profile and hover over the little nearly invisible gear next to the "Languages" box. This gives you the option to "Block [username]". After fiddling around with the "Following/Followers" box on my profile page, I found that blocking someone will remove them from your Followers if they are already on the list.

I hope this helps. And if it doesn't I hope you don't have to wait another seven years for the answer.


Is it possible to unfollow someone else I am currently following, without blocking them?


That depends on whether you want to unfollow them, or them to unfollow you. Duolingo makes a distinction between people you follow ("Following" in the box on your profile page) and people who follow you ("Followers").

If you want them to unfollow you, blocking is the only way to do that as far as I can tell.

If you want to unfollow them, go to their profile. You will see a green box containing a tick mark and the word "following". Click that to unfollow them.


Hey, thanks. I didn't know there was a blocking option. That must have happened some time in the last 7 years! As a wise owl would say, 'Better late than never!' I've now blocked anyone I don't know so my Duo experience will be appropriately socially distanced.


Glad I could help.

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