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  5. "Önök a főnökök itt?"

"Önök a főnökök itt?"

Translation:Are you the bosses here?

July 9, 2016



Sentences like these make me sad for the lack of slow voice feature


Should answers like "Are you all/ya'll the bosses here?" be accepted? English sort of has 2nd Per. Pl.


Hmm, "ya'll" is definitely non-standard English, so no it should not be. And I'm inclined to think that the you all version is also non-standard.


"sorta" is the word. I don't think it should accept dialectal slang as many students are not native English speakers and could be misled. Outside of the US it is not accepted. (Here in NZ we have "yous" which is used for comedic effect or if you want to portray a character as a total moron - not something for new English learners to pick up!)


Sounds like a childrens counting rhyme... egyedem-begyedem)


This is a poor question - it's unnatural in English - and should be removed. Maybe instead: "You're the boss; are all the bosses here?"


It is unusual but - what grates for me is the word "boss". Try "Are you the managers here?" or "Are you in charge here?". No reason to remove it.


Are they here the bosses?


It has to be "you" (Önök) - and that version of English would not be right even if it was "they".

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