"It's already late! Why aren't you sleeping?"

Translation:כבר מאוחר! למה אתה לא ישן?

July 9, 2016

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Why is "זה כבר מאוחר" marked incorrect?


Kvar me’ukhar! Lama ata lo yashen?


can someone tell me in which lesson we got tought אינך? I can't remember having seen this, like so often...


The new "choose all correct translations" feature sometimes introduces new words unexpectedly. I'm sure by now DL team is aware and working on it.


Is this one of the situations where we could also use למה לא instead?


When there’s a verb, I think that לא has to come immediately before the verb it negates.

If you want to say something like Why not the blue one? that’s ‏למה לא הכחול? Lama lo ha-kakhol?


If the English says it or its then a זה should be marked correct


I think Duolingo might reject ‏זה כבר מאוחר Ze kvar me’ukhar to teach you that it’s not the most natural way to say this sentence. I’m not sure if it’s out and out wrong.

In a sentence such as “It’s raining”, “it” is called a dummy subject, which means it conveys no meaning of its own but simply fills the position of subject in a sentence. “It’s raining” is ‏יורד גשם yored geshem. The English says “It’s” but you don’t add ze when translating into Hebrew.

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