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  5. "I do not eat too much."

"I do not eat too much."

Translation:No como demasiado.

January 31, 2013



Can someone help me understand why "no como demasiado mucho" is wrong?

May 26, 2013


As far as I understand it, it's already build into the word "demasiado." Hence your sentence would be "I do not eat too much much." Or something to that effect.

July 31, 2013


why is no como demasiado mucho wrong?

June 11, 2013


i have the same question

June 17, 2013


same here

June 17, 2013


I initially did the same translation. However, demasiado actually means too much. Therefore, saying demasiado mucho is like saying too much much. :)

November 29, 2013


I tried "muy mucho" since a few questions before it told me that also meant "too much" (although I never learned that meaning before) and it marked me wrong. Some of this gets very confusing. Need more input from native speakers :D

August 9, 2013


is it wrong to say "muy mucho" for "too much"? why is it so?

January 31, 2013


"muy mucho" may mean "very much" and that maybe a bit different than "too much". "I do not eat very much" could mean you're starving, underweight and need food. "I do not eat too much" could mean you are in perfect health and not overweight. Though the person may also mean they need food too.

January 31, 2013


"Muchísimo" is the way to say "very much" in the sense of a substantial amount of something. Examples:

"Lo quiero muchísimo"

"Muchísimas gracias"

April 29, 2013


I do not know the actual grammar rule, for why it is wrong, but it is, or at least is never used.

January 31, 2013


so how do you say "I do not eat much"?

March 22, 2013


no como mucho

March 22, 2013


It is accept no como mucho as a correct answer though.

April 16, 2013
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