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"Itt postásokat vagy eladókat látsz?"

Translation:Do you see postal workers or salespeople here?

July 9, 2016



I must say that to have three consecutive accusative lessons is quite BORING! Wouldn't be better to improve the interest by mixing a little bit as done in other languages...?


Can we get "postások" to mean "mailmen" as well as "postmen" already? The former is chiefly American, the latter chiefly British - and living in America, I've never actually heard anyone use the latter. (And yes, I am reporting these instances as they appear)


And also, could we get a gender-neutral equivalent? "Mail carrier"! Or perhaps "postal worker" (though the latter also extends to people working behind a desk in the post office, which I'm not sure postas does).

Mailmen, while it should be accepted, sounds dated to me.


"Postmen or salesmen do you see here?" What is the problem?


The word order for that one sounds very awkward in English, and I don't think it's a good translation. You should really have the "Do you see" at the front of the sentence.


why not "sellers"?


Seems to be an acceptable translation, report it.


No. A "seller" sells their own goods. A "sales person" sells on behalf of someone ie it is their job.


These words are somewhat outmoded in Canadian English - and I suspect in other English-speaking countries as well. I translated the phrase using gender-neutral words and it was rejected. What do others think of -- "Do you see letter carriers or salespersons here?" as a correct, alternate formulation?

Cheers, Max


I like that app. Maybe because English is not my mother tongue?! Years ago I tried to learn Hungarian language only with a book and I gave up. This app combined with a book - German, Hungarian-is really super. Sajnos nem beszelek jó angul.


Do you see..here or do you see here? Is there really a difference? I think both should be accepted Same for sales clerks and sales people


Postmen and salesmen are admittedly masculine but a perfectly acceptable English translation. The current accepted is American.


Én nem találom az 'itt' szót és úgy látszik ez az én hibám

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