"Are you a boy?"

Translation:Czy jesteś chłopcem?

July 9, 2016



Is it okay to only say "Jesteś chłopcem?"

September 25, 2016


yes, you can skip "czy" in questions, and you can always skip "ty".

Keep in mind that using "czy" makes a question more clear, especially if you are not a native speaker and have trouble with pronounciation.

September 25, 2016


Maybe someone asked before, but what is the difference between "chłopcem" and "chłopakiem"? Thanks in advance :)

June 30, 2018


They are both Instrumental forms, so let's rather discuss the Nominative, basic forms.

The difference between "chłopiec" and "chłopak" is a matter of age. "chłopiec" is a younger boy, "chłopak" is older. But there's no set border, it's a subjective thing. Personally I'd say that "chłopiec" should 'end' not later than 12-13. Rather earlier.

Also, "chłopak" means "boyfriend", if it's "someone's chłopak".

July 2, 2018
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