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  5. "אחת, שתיים, שלוש."

"אחת, שתיים, שלוש."

Translation:One, two, three.

July 9, 2016



Ahad, Ithnayn, Thalatha in Arabic


Yup. These are the feminine numbers, the masculine ones are (hebrew) Echad, shnayim, shalosha.

A lot of the Vavs in Hebrew correspond to Alif in Arabic, (and they happen to look the same too).


Is it more common to use the feminine form of numbers if you are counting up (i.e, not counting any number of objects or things in particular, just counting)?


Indeed. Without context a number defaults to feminine.


Why do the feminine 2 and 3 look like they have masculine endings?


The numbers until 10 are somewhat of an oddity.


1 is pretty normal though.


Answer of "1,2,3" elicits "You have an extra space." סוף הדרך :)


יש כאלה שגם יתחילו "אֶחָד, שתיים, שלוש..." וכל השאר בצורת הנקבה (חסרת סיומת הה"א).


Hebrew also uses letters for numbers, yes? (Eg א=one, ב = two, etc)

Is there a rule for when to spell the number, and when to use digits?


The letters for numbers are only used nowadays in very special contexts. First, note that English also has some usages: when enumerating things in speaking, for example "I did it because, A, I was hungry, B, I don't care what they say, and C, everybody do this". Also I think you'd find "Part A", "Side A / Side B". In all of these, Hebrew may similarly use letters (and I imagine speakers in neither language will go beyond ד/D or so...)

More Hebrew-special uses are rare these days. The two main uses are (A) when specifying the day of the month by the Jewish calendar (ה' באייר); and (B) (See what I did here?) in school grades (= years): כיתה א', כיתה ב', ... כיתה י"ב. Also in book chapters, but there it's equally popular to use modern numbers.

I guess it won't sound strange to also say סטודנט שנה א' באוניברסיטה (along side שנה ראשונה), I'm less sure about continuing it to שנה ד.

Finally, one peculiarity: there is one date of the Gregorian calendar where the Israeli culture uses the Hebrew way for the date of the (Gregorian) month: כ"ט בנובמבר, when it marks https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_Partition_Plan_for_Palestine#The_vote (the historical occasion or its anniversary).


אני אחשורוש !

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