So Close!

I was so surprised and motivated when I found that I was finally close to the end of my Ukrainian tree! I'm not done yet but I hope to reach the end soon. I realize now how short Ukrainian really is. I do hope there is plans to add more? And does anyone have any more Ukrainian websites that have been helpful? I have learned a lot but not as much as I would like. Thanks!

July 9, 2016


[deactivated user]

    There is a course on Memrise for 20k words, that is about C2 if you want to go that far.

    That course is pretty questionable in my experience. I found a bunch of words that have slightly to moderately different meanings from what's listed in that course. For example, it says того (genetive form of то) means "addition", which is ambiguous enough, but it only means that in the phrase крім того (in addition, literally "besides of that"). Also, a lot of the later words don't have real translations. It was obviously put together with some sort of program and wasn't reviewed in any great detail. It's okay as a starting point for vocab but don't use it in place of a dictionary.

    The description to the course states that the words were translated using Google Translate, so its quality is really questionable.

    Oh no! It says

    Frequency Derived from "Frequency List of Ukrainian Language" based on corpus of over 1500 books of Ukrainian authors containing over 40.000.000 words by Volodymyr Vlad. English translations provided by Google Translate

    It sounds great until you take a closer look. Maybe this course is better? Even if it's only nouns.

    Maybe this course is better? Even if it's only nouns.

    I looked through the first two levels and they look OK. Although, I think it was a RU-EN course originally, because of this translation:

    • світ -- world, peace

    "World" and "peace" are both translated by the same word in Russian -- "мир," but "світ" is only "world" in Ukrainian.

    Thanks, I think the Russian influence will be okay. I started it and will start to study it more as soon as I make the tree gold.

    Yikes! Google translate is a terrible resource for a language course.

    Thank you! This looks like a good resource after I finish the tree. I'm glad you posted this because I wasn't going to look on Memrise for any Ukrainian courses thinking I had done all the ones on my level.

    [deactivated user]

      Yes, it does look good. I will do it when I learn Ukrainian. I do not know what it has for audio.

      I like how the Ukrainian grammar is explained on

      There is also a really good channel on you tube 'Ukrainian for Foreigners' by Iryna Isaac. She has a lot of good lessons on many subjects and is clear and concise.

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