"A fiú nem a városban lakik, hanem a folyó mellett egy kicsi házban."

Translation:The boy does not live in the city, but in a little house beside the river.

July 9, 2016

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This is the kind of sentence I can't believe I can already read after only a couple of weeks. Wow.


"egy kicsi házban" ?

Is that correct hungarian? Shouldn't it be "egy kis házban"?


It's correct, just more emphatic.


Köszönöm szépen :-)


I really hope I'll never need to a) translate this into Hungarian and b) try to do this as a listening exercise.


IMHO the translation "The boy lives not in the city but in a small house next to the river" should also be acceptable.


Why so loooong sentences? Minek ilyen hosszú mondatokat beletenni? I would say: "A fiú a városban lakik." = "The boy lives in the city." or: "a városban vagyok." = "I am in the city". MAKE IT MORE SIMPLE. PLEASE :-)


This is a problem, which existst, since the course went online somehwere in July 2016. A lot of users allready complained about that. Nothing happened. And if you go further in the course, you will face a lot of monster sentences.


The harder are the lessons, the easier is the life.


"kicsi ház" could be much more simple as "kis ház". It is the same!


This was my first really long Hungarian sentence in the course. Yippie!


What is the difference of the second phrase placement after hanem 1) accepted “a folyó mellet egy kicsi házban” vs. 2) “egy kicsi házban a fólyo mellet,” and why is the first preferred?

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