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"Thursday morning"

Translation:bore Iau

July 9, 2016



This entire time I thought this word was "lau." I almost thought I'd found a bug in the code when it threw a typo. Then I realized it was a capital "I" not a lowecase "l" . Haha


Thank you, I was having the same issue :)


So how come both capitalisation and not is accepted for 'dydd'? Is there no set rule?


dydd is not capitalised unless at the start of a sentence or as part of a proper noun.

This particular phrase will be corrected.


Sometimes it wants you to include the word day when talking of the afternoon and sometimes not. There seems little consistency.


The system should always accept both 'prynhawn Xxxx' and 'prynhawn dydd Xxxx' as answers to any '... afternoon'. There is no difference in meaning between them and both forms are commonly used in the wild. Similarly with bore Xxxx and bore dydd Xxxx for '... morning'.

If you do come across an example where one of those forms is not accepted, just use the 'report' button so that we can add the missing form to the database.


What does "bore "mean i thought it meant good If so why is it required in the sentence Thursday day


This is explained in the notes for the section 'Days'.

bore - morning


Does anyone know the capitalization rules for this language?


The same as in English, more or less.

With days, Welsh has two separate words instead of one, so just the name element is capitalised unless it is the first word in a sentence or if it is a 'special' day of some sort:

  • dydd Llun - Monday
  • nos Sul - Sunday night
  • Dw i'n mwynhau Nos Galan - I enjoy New Year's Eve
  • Dydd Gwener ydy fy ffefrin. - Friday is my favourite.

(There are a couple of mistakes with this in the course which pop up sometimes, but they will be fixed in the future.)


I thought it was "lau" with an L this whole time... whoops

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