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"If yes, so much the better!"

January 31, 2013



Another example with no direct translation. These kinds of sayings should be omitted from translation exercises since it is impossible to know.


Maybe but you must learn them anyhow if you want to understand people when you come to France :-)


I actually lived in France for three years and I am using this site to brush up. I'm all for learning how phrases translate from one language to another, but we're not even told beforehand what the equivalent is, and we're left guessing. Not exactly fair for a translation exercise.


While I understand the sentiment, it's not as if this "counts" for anything other than learning, and it's free. I'm personally pretty glad to get some colloquial phrases, even if I have to miss them a couple times before I actually learn it.


Indeed. In fact, "failure" is part of the learning process. Duolingo uses a system of exposure rather than explicit instruction to teach, and therefore actually relies fairly heavily on the learner's ability to absorb correction of errors, as well as their ability to make connections. Users who feel this method is "unfair" should probably consider finding a slow-paced class that focuses on rote memorization.


why is there a need for de in front of autant?


for the same reason as you need "of" after "in front..."

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