"Hol harcolsz?"

Translation:Where do you fight?

July 9, 2016

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Does "harcol" refer to fighting verbally or physically?


It refers to fighting physically, and it can also be used to say that someone is fighting for their freedom or their rights. However, unlike in English, it's not a sports term.


So, one shouldn't use it, say, to enquire where a boxer's match was?


Well, I know the kindergarten teacher was fighting in front of the school!

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Rule #1 about Fight Club:. NEVER talk about Fight Club.


I don’t want to sound rude, but why do I need to learn this word at this skill level? Same thing sneezing and couple other words.I know this app is just a game but maybe I learn some words while playing this game and I’d prefer them to be a bit more common words than to fight and to sneeze. Is there a reason why we are learning these words at this level? Maybe there is more to it that I don’t see.


This app is not a game, and it's sad that you perceive it that way (it means Duolingo has failed to achieve its goal). It's a tool for learning that's just been overly gamified.

That being said, I just skip the words I find useless at this level. I fully agree with you that 90% of the verbs in this chapter are useless to a beginner.


I need a Hungarian language program for tourists. I hope i never need this word! I just want to ask about the restaurant and the bathroom and the museum!

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