"Egy kicsit látsz."

Translation:You see a small one.

July 9, 2016

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I find this one difficult, as in English, "You see a little one" and "You see a little bit" have very different meanings, ie: "little one" could be a child, or a small... anything.. whereas, "a little bit" would be taken to mean you only have partial vision, or can only see part of something.

Since we are doing accusatives, I imagine that it is the "little one", as it is an object, but could anyone elaborate on this for me?


Actually, "Egy kicsit látsz" or "Csak egy kicsit látsz" can mean "You see a little bit" (as in you are almost blind). In fact "Egy kicsit" is most often used in this context (e.g. "Fáj a lábad?" (Does your leg hurt?) -"Egy kicsit" (A little bit) ). Also it can be used for "You see a little bit of it" ("Egy kicsit látsz belőle") . This sentence sounds pretty weird to me in this form and I'm quite sure it's purpose is only to teach the accusative form of "kicsi".

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