"What kind of salespeople are you looking for?"

Translation:Te milyen eladókat keresel?

July 9, 2016

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How come we use "milyen" rather than "milyenek" here?


Adjectives that are right in front of nouns (attributive adjectives) don't take plural endings.


Could you distinguish between this sentence, and - say - "Milyenek azok a piacok?" (another Hungarian phrase here on duo)


I would say that milyenek there is not an attributive adjectives but rather a predicative one -- one acting more or less like a verb, whose subject in this case is azok a piacok.

So it's not "what kind of these markets?" (a noun phrase) but "(of) what kind ARE these markets?" (predicate + subject).

Predicate adjectives do get plural markers.

Similarly with, say, a magas nők "the tall women" (attributive magas) versus a nők magasak "the women are tall" (predicative magasak).


What do you think is "Milyen eladókat keres?" (in formal speech meaning you=ön) is a possible translation. Duo marked it wrong. I reported it.


It's possible. I am still trying to figure out when the "Te" is needed in the beginning, when keresel takes care of the pronoun.


In this sentence, it is not needed.

But, be careful if you see "is"

Te is eladókat keresel? Are you also looking for salespeople?

Ti is eladókat kerestek?

Here you cannot drop te, otherwise "is" cannot refer to it.


It's never "needed" but sometimes, you want to give some weight to the actor. Make it the topic or the focus. In those cases, you will keep it obviously.

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