"She sells an old hat."

Translation:Elle vend un ancien chapeau.

January 31, 2013

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I believe the translation should be "Elle vend un chapeau ancien." Because "ancien chapeau" means former hat.


I think both should be acceptable, with just a comment: "old" is "vieux" in my view.


Old is not ancient. This translation is wrong because there is a different connotation to "ancien" than there is to "vieux". French people would never speak of a hat saying it is "ancien" unless it is something in a museum, from like two centuries ago. They would always say it is "vieux".


Why is the adjective before the noun here?


Age in BANGS


Thank you sitesurf, your comments are always very helpful. For anyone else who is not familiar with what BANGS means in regards to French adjectives, here's an explanation: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080424183722AA6qQck Or just google 'french bangs'. I was very confused at first. I was thinking 'Bangs....Hat....her bangs have something to do with the hat....her bangs are old....'


Thank you for the reference! That's a great mnemonic!


I agree that "elle vend un vieux chapeau" is the best translation but it was saying that "Elle vend un ancien chapeau" is an equally correct translation, which is not the case because ancien when used in front of the noun does not mean old.


Why is "Elle vend un vieille chapeau" incorrect?


Chapeau is a masuline word. Vielle is used for feminine nouns.

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