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  5. "למה אתה אוכל את המזלג שלךָ?"

"למה אתה אוכל את המזלג שלךָ?"

Translation:Why are you eating your fork?

July 9, 2016



Profound question....

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Please don't change the sentence. It's so much fun to laugh from time to time - not only about weird sentences, but also by reading the reactions!


I also appreciate this sentence. It's helpful to have curve ball sentences to help remember difficult words such as מזלג. Plus life has absurdities, which is why The Three Stooges "Disorder in the Court" is still humorous.


I agree with you...because life is almost always such a bore....kkkkkkk


Because the meal and plate weren't filling enough...


Also, if a sentence is always following an expected sequence, people get lazy and don't really read it and may not translate it accurately. Sentences like this keep us on our toes. It's like the sentences in the number section where we have to translate 1, 2, 5. We are expecting 1, 2, 3...


I looked over this like three times before I was confident I wasn't missing a preposition somewhere.


because it is edible... :)


lámah atah okhél et ha-mazlég shelkhá


Folks, at this stage, we know, like, twenty verbs and twenty nouns. Colours, clothing, utensils, and animals are pretty much the only things we can name. Duolingo has to get creative to make so many sentences from so few words. Just go along with it.


He wouldn't be able to answer with his mouth full.


Just smiling......... had to really work it out, as it made no sense at first. Realized later that it would be something to say to a child using his fork incorrectly. זה תהיני


Mr jan hus (middle age) wrote that he have made a spoon out of bread as poor student and then "he have eaten his soup so long as he have eaten his spoon as well". (True quotation) There where no fork i guess at that time. So our sentence sounds quite realistically too. :-) please keep it. It is as absurd as our world and life is!


שאלה טובה...


Because my knife needed sugar.


Could you say that to a children playing with the fork in his mouth?


... Squidward?


Idk why yall are complaining ive needed to ask my cousin this for ages.... Thanx duolingo


Why not? It's tastier than kale.


Because the stereo system is bad. Or alternatively, because it is hard to eat the invisible dessert.
(I make it a point of honour to refer to the ever-quotable The IT Crowd.)


Could it also be "why are you eating with your fork?"?


It would not be that, because the word את, which comes right before the direct object of the sentence, comes right before המזלג, so המזלג has to be the direct object.

"Why are you eating with your fork?" would be "?למה אתה אוכל במזלג שלך".

I think in biblical Hebrew את was also used as the word "with" alongside "עם", so I could see how that might be confusing, but that's no longer the case in Modern Hebrew.


זו טעות.


steel jaws and teeth; can someone explain what's the meaning of this sentence?


I could mean "why are you liking your fork"


That's ohev. Not okhel.


having weird sentences like this makes me wonder if there is some sort of colloquial meaning that I am missing? I don't thinks so - just think it is bad sentence. Not helpful in trying to learn good common usage of words and phrases. Also - i will criticize the various nouns in the numbers - seems it was just kind of thrown together and not things that are in common usuage and therefore helpful in learning day to day hebrew


Creating weird/funny mental images is a technique that people use to remember things better, as well as make mundane practice more enjoyable.

I understand your point about making sentences that are aimed at teaching common usage, but I do think there is value in a little humor.




It's just plain funny


No meaning at all


Such a weird sentence I reread it a few times with a creased brow. Any plans to change some of these weird sentences before the course gets out of beta? (seemed to be a big issue in prepositions during the lessons themselves though reviews have been better, but bad enough I had to seek outside sources to get them to stick)

I just really feel like they can make learning new words much more difficult. This one wasn't awful but when I'm sitting here trying to convince myself I must be wrong or missing something, I don't know... Maybe if nothing else better sentences in the lessons themselves then throw some of these out in the reviews/ practice for a challenge once you're starting to get the word down? Though I have no idea if everyone even gets the same sentences in the lessons.


Without such sentences the course would be boring.


Personally I tend to remember things better when I first see them in a funny context. Also the weird sentences are kind of Duolingo's thing now, it's expected of them.


Yeah, I get what you're saying and as I've come across this sentence again, the word for fork is sure sticking in my head, however I do still think the preposition sentences, especially in the lessons themselves could have been better. I grasped a few of them much better hearing them in meaningful context in songs and things vs here where I really struggled at first. I think my frustration was really coming out here. It does seem as I moved on and did reviews I finally got the prepositions to stick but I also noticed the sentences got better as well so I don't know if some were introduced too soon or changes have been made or what. There were quite a few of those where a lot of people had to ask for clarification. So I suppose my original comment would've been better over there but I think I finished up prepositions then moved to questions right after and like I said, my frustration got the best of me!

And I'm new to Duo but have done (admittedly much more boring) university language classes so I guess I'm also more used to the very dry sentences one encounters there. I'm glad, I guess, that there are is some silly sentences because it also gets your brain working more.

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