"Oni słuchają tamtego mężczyzny."

Translation:They are listening to that man.

July 10, 2016

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Can someone explain to be why this is in Genitive case? Is the Genitive case like the backwards of Accusative case?


you ask in a perfect time , here is explanation. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16569658


So I go with point 8. because the verb requires the genitive. Long way to read, I don't know how you learn all these cases


I guess it is automatic thoughts and way to write for native speakers, for the learners it needs a lot of practice and a kind of immersion... (I know I do write for nothing, just writing trivial thoughts...)


Would be nice if the audio wouldn't glitch and it just skips saying "oni".


On my side everything plays correctly, with very clear "oni" at the beginning...


Did you listen with bluetooth speakers/headphones? They often shutdown between sounds and start again too slow.


Huh, I recently used such headphones and indeed a lot of times the sound was cut at the beginning. I thought it's just some temporary problem of Duolingo itself, but I guess it makes more sense if it was because of my headphones.


Same here. The first couple of syllables of audio don't play. I suspect the glitch is in my mobile phone, not the Duolingo programme.

It happens only the first time the audio plays. A "work-around" is always to play the audio twice before keying an answer.

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